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Get away from the hustle and bustle of city life to Kwetu Guest Farm. Situated on a peaceful farm in Buffeljagsrivier – 11kms outside Swellendam, the third oldest town in South Africa. Our home, our place, that is how the Swahili word Kwetu translates. A simple word with a sense of belonging.

Kwetu is a refuge for nature lovers. Derived from the name “Atelier Kwetu”, this long gone island of peace provided shelter for single mothers in Lullingu. On the eastern corner of the Congo, run by eccentric Spanish nuns, it gave hope and comfort to those who needed it most.

Long gone but never forgotten, we wanted to keep its memory alive and gave our farm the name in memory of those ladies of courage who went the extra mile for the less fortunate and believed in a better, more welcoming world.

Kwetu was a huge surprise – only 2.5 hours from Cape Town with a game farm feel. Easily 4 varieties of buck and wildebeest roaming free , dappled grey ponies and 2 elegant giraffes made this an accessible safe and affordable experience for a young family keen on cycling and exploring for a 2 day quick getaway from the city. Kwetu provided us parents with a sense of security to be able let their 8 and 7 year olds explore the 80 hectares of rugged hills and scrubland surrounding around the perfectly appointed cottages – complete with towels , loo paper , percale linen and super warm and light duvets – all with a gorgeous view of the mountains turning intense colours as the day progressed and the sun moved across the valley. A magical and special place – very organized yet relaxed hosts – and so generous with the free range eggs for a morning ‘ s breakfast ! Great for friends and families to book out all 3 cottages. We’ll be back for some more of this special place. Thank you for making us so welcome.

Germaine & family

Permaculture @ Kwetu

An Interview with Kobus Kritzinger“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn. Here at Kwetu we definitely believe in tomorrow. Our Organic Garden is coming along nicely and we recently had an interview with Kobus Kritzinger who has been part of this...

Picnics @ Kwetu

Summer is in the air, the festive season is upon us, we have families coming from distant places to celebrate the holidays, young and old love rekindle as the entire atmosphere is buzzing with a sense of togetherness. Whether you are looking to have a romantic evening...

Professional Photographer Petrus Bester Explores Kwetu Guest Farm

Professional Photographer Petrus Bester Explores Kwetu Guest Farm At the end of August, Kwetu was blessed with the visit of an outstanding photographer, Petrus Bester, who took time out from his busy schedule to explore our farm and its surrounding areas.  He is an...

Night time at Farm

Kwetu Guest Farm has a variety of beautiful things to see at night.

Wildlife enjoying the farm

Wildlife at Kwetu Guest house, enjoy the farm life amongst the wildlife.

Bontebok at Kwetu

Come and see the beautiful Bontebok at Kwetu Guest Farm This article is about the antelope. For the Dutch village, see Bontebok, Heerenveen. The bontebok (Damaliscus pygargus) is an antelope found in South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia. The bontebok has two subspecies;...

Sables at Kwetu


6th May Giraffes Melvin & Sophie’s release

We released our 2 young giraffes into the park on the 6th May 2018. Book in and come see these majestic creatures aswell as our sables, springbuck, wildebeest, horses and many other wildlife.

New Eland born 2 March 2018

A new Eland was born on 2 March 2018 We have wonderful Game Drives and Picnics, come and see.

6th May Melvin & Sophie Giraffes Arriving Soon

Good Morning we at Kwetu are so excited about the two teenagers 🦒🦒 Melvin and Sophie, that arrive later this week. So we are giving 20% off on all 2day booking in the month of MAY to celebrate their arrival and share the experience. It takes a lot of planning to...

The Cottages

Three comfortable self-catering one bedroom cottages.
Two are alongside a dam. Sleeps two privately. Bed/s in lounge. 83 hectares in which to walk, jog or cycle.

Self-Catering Cottages:

Self-Catering: (sleeps max 4).

R 1750 per unit per night.

W/End Rate: R 1900 per unit per night.

Family Self-Catering Cottages:

 Family Self-Catering: (sleeps max 5)

R 1800 per unit per night.

W/End Rate: R 2130 per unit per night.

The Apartments

We have two one bedroom apartments for rent by the main house. Enjoy time off at the perfect weekend getaway destination to relax with tranquil surroundings.

Rates for the apartments:

Self-Catering: (sleeps max 2).

R 800 per unit per night.

Minimum two nights.

Rates for the Rooms:

Self-Catering: (sleeps max 2)

R 1100 per unit per night.

Minimum two nights.



The accommodation at Kwetu Guest Farm has 24 Springboks, 9 rhebok and steenbok, scrub hare, dassies and water mongoose. Numerous bird species including fish eagle, Stanley´s bustard, secretary birds and our beautiful national bird, the blue crane. More game to arrive the next couple of months. We hope transform one of the smaller dams on the farm into a fishing dam soon with bass. Fishermen beware. Self Driven Game drives R250 per vehicle or Driven Game Drives for R160 per person.



Picnics provide a great excuse to relax, unwind and indulge your favourite pastime of enjoying food with family and friends. My most memorable picnics are the ones where all stops are pulled out. There is no better place to enjoy a picnic than on a farm among the wildlife with the amazing views and fresh air.  For the kids you can bring along a kite, frisbee, tennis ball and rackets and other outdoor games. Not forgetting the food, refreshments will be laid out decadently in the centre of the most colourful rugs and cushions. R175 pp (complimentary bottle of wine for pinic of 2 people or more).

Relax & Enjoy Great Times at Kwetu

 Things to do on the farm:

We offer game drives, picnics, fishing, horse rides and tours of the farm.
We guarantee that you will see most of this type of game on our farm:
Springbok, Bontebok, Giraffe, Eland, Wilderbeest, Kudu, Waterbuck, Reebok,
Sable, not to mention countless birds and other smaller mammals.

Game drives:
Driven Game Drives R160 per person
Self Drives – R250 per vehicle
Picnic R175 pp (complimentary bottle of wine for picnic of 2 people or more)


Kwetu Accommodation Swellendam


In recognition of exceptional service Kwetu Guest Farm in Swellendam has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence.



Kwetu Game Farm

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