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Permaculture @ Kwetu

An Interview with Kobus Kritzinger“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” Audrey Hepburn. Here at Kwetu we definitely believe in tomorrow. Our Organic Garden is coming along nicely and we recently had an interview with Kobus Kritzinger who has been part of this...

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Picnics @ Kwetu

Summer is in the air, the festive season is upon us, we have families coming from distant places to celebrate the holidays, young and old love rekindle as the entire atmosphere is buzzing with a sense of togetherness. Whether you are looking to have a romantic evening...

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Troubles in paradise

Sometimes, taboos must be broken.  No guesthouse owner ever wants to bring out his worries, shortcomings, or poaching issues out in the open.  In South Africa especially, discussing them is a no-go zone. As Africans, we have a flair for resilience, we brush off...

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Bontebok at Kwetu

Come and see the beautiful Bontebok at Kwetu Guest Farm This article is about the antelope. For the Dutch village, see Bontebok, Heerenveen. The bontebok (Damaliscus pygargus) is an antelope found in South Africa, Lesotho and Namibia. The bontebok has two subspecies;...

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6th May Giraffes Melvin & Sophie’s release

We released our 2 young giraffes into the park on the 6th May 2018. Book in and come see these majestic creatures aswell as our sables, springbuck, wildebeest, horses and many other wildlife.

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Kwetu Accommodation Swellendam

In recognition of exceptional service Kwetu Guest Farm in Swellendam has been awarded a Certificate of Excellence.