October 1, 2020

Come get your Nature Fix on our Beautiful Guest Farm here at Kwetu

After the year with all of it's restrictions, having your nature therapy is an absolute must and necessity.

Recharge your batteries and hit the refresh button of your soul. During the time of lock down we do not realize the impact it has had on us physically and only when you find yourself taking a break from the everyday struggles and routine you realize how much and how desperately one needs to switch off and take a break.

The fresh air and the beauty of any natural setting empowers you, makes you feel fantastic and of course improves your mental health. Therefor a visit to our beautiful Guest Farm here at Kwetu should not just be on your to do list but an absolute necessity.

Just some of the benefits you will experience out here amongst our animal family and beautiful landscape.

You will find that your stress levels are reduced, anger and agitation is swept away, blood pressure, heart rate and tensed muscles are forced out of your body leaving you with a relaxed body to soak up every bit of needed relief given by mother earth.  Just a touch of nature can heal, soothe, restore and connect you once more.

Away from the every day noise, structure and routine you will find refuge here on our beautiful farm surrounded by nature and our wonderful family of animals. With only 2.5 hours from Cape Town you will find that it is well worth the trip.

After the year that we have all been through it is so important to keep wonder alive and to be reminded that not all is lost and everything we went through was not in vain. Reflecting on it all surrounded by nature and all of it's beauty might just give you a brand new perspective.

It is time for us to reclaim what we thought we lost and remember our roots. And here at Kwetu you will find that you can come and ground yourself once more and find peace. The world has not stopped living and was not struck down by this pandemic and therefore we do not have to bow to it in defeat, but like the world goes through it's seasons so do we and we do rise in the end despite whatever knocks us down.

But to help us along this journey we visit and discover all the beauty that the world offers us and a good place to start is right here on the front porch of Cape Town. You deserve and owe it to yourself.

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