June 17, 2020

Post-Covid Travelling Wishlist

With the Covid-19 restrictions slowly loosening their grip and our world slowly returning back to normal.

We can once more start to create our Wishlist of places to go and places to see. While picking up the pieces of the devastating trail of destruction that this virus left us with, it is important to still live.

So, take out your notebook and make that Wishlist, for there will be an after Covid and you will be able to resume your normal life and visit the places on your Wishlist.

A recent survey done by Tourlane reveals that about 600 international travelers traveling ambitions include South Africa which is at the top of the list and Namibia following in 5th place.

With the boundless opportunities which our country offers for both local and international travelers. They can look forward to plenty of safe ways to explore our beautiful land.

With our unspoiled beaches, mountaineering and hiking adventures, the Winelands or countryside, and of course the exclusive safaris in our private reserves and national parks.

Your Wishlist can soon become a traveler’s paradise.

Stringent health checks and safety measures have been implemented to ensure all traveler's safety.

Some other countries that came to the four on the Tourlane survey were New Zealand, Canada, and Costa Rica.

After being cooped up in our homes for what feels like an eternity, everyone is craving to get out and explore.  This of course is the same for local and international tourists.

Good news hides in the silver lining for the South African Tourist industry which is still awaiting news from the NCC as to exactly when domestic tourism will be allowed and when will the country open up it’s doors to our international guests.

The silver lining is that travelers will be able to scoop up very affordable car hire and international flights as well as great discounts on domestic flights with local airlines such as FlySafair.

A lot of our hotels and tour agencies are offering up to 35% discount off of advance bookings, so now is the time to book that dream holiday.

Freedom awaits and it is time to see the beauty of the world yet again.  Even though this sector has been among those most affected, hope is slowly returning and shining brighter with each passing hour.

While the COVID -19 Pandemic has left us with many uncertainties, travelers have not set aside their traveler's hearts and aren’t giving up on their aspirations any time soon.

With this being said South Africa will once again bloom with tourists all over the world and discoveries of the most wonderful getaways awaits you like a newly wrapped gift.

Here at Kwetu in Swellendam in the Western Cape, we eagerly await to be on your Wishlist. Offering everything and more that you can desire for an outdoor adventure.

A refuge for all nature lovers, boasting with 4 varieties of buck and wildebeest roaming free dappled grey ponies, and 2 very elegant giraffes make this one of the most affordable full experience.

Activities include cycling, game drives, sundowners on the decks, and a ton of other activities in the area.

To complete your days, you can tuck away in one of the luxurious cottages, apartments, or rooms.  Where you will enjoy the magnificent sunset paintings and an experience that will leave you with picturesque memories.

The world lives again and it is time for us to get back on the horse and ride into the sunset……

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